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Personal AirPass:

Earn immediate

AAdvantage® elite status

Members enjoy the benefits of AAdvantage® elite status from day one, including expedited security lanes, complimentary upgrades, mileage bonuses, and more.

AirPass MembershipElite Status Level
$10,000 AAdvantage Gold
$20,000 AAdvantage Platinum
$25,000 AAdvantage Platinum Pro
$30,000 AAdvantage Executive Platinum

Share the air:
Multiple travelers


For businesses with multiple travelers, American offers the shared AirPass membership. Starting at $20,000, you can share travel between multiple staff members, with benefits tailored to your needs.


AirPass customized:
Tailor your membership


For businesses that invest more than $30,000 a year in travel, we invite you to contact our AirPass Service Team directly to arrange a tailored membership package that recognizes your unique status.