Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join the AirPass program?
Anyone is eligible to join. If you currently travel last minute in full fare and spend at least $10k per year, you're a good candidate.

Do I have to be an AAdvantage member to join the AirPass program?
Yes, your AAdvantage profile will include an AirPass indicator if you are a member.

What forms of payment do you accept with the AirPass program?
Wire Transfer, Cashier's Check, credit cards including Discover, Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, China Union, and Diners Club cards when you contact AirPass Customer Service at (800)433-6355. We also accept UATP as a form of payment.

What types of AirPass memberships are available?
Both Individual memberships (personal travel balances) and corporate memberships (shared travel balances) are available.

What is the minimum commitment for an AirPass membership?
The minimum commitment for an AirPass membership is $10,000 per traveler, per year.

Who do I contact for an AirPass membership?
If you are interested in a membership please contact us at or (800)-433-6355.

Where should I send the completed contract paperwork and payment?
American Airlines, AirPass Customer Service: 4255 Amon Carter Blvd, MD 4106 in Fort Worth, TX 76155.

Can AirPass members use their AirPass on oneworld partners?
No, AirPass may only be used on American Airlines®, American Eagle® or AmericanConnection®

Who do I contact with questions about the program?
AirPass Customer Service representatives are available from 8am-5pm CT M-F and can be reached via phone at (800)-433-6355 or via email at They can assist you with individual sales, supplemental purchases, renewals, contract administration and customer website registration.

Can I check my balance on-line?
Yes, The AirPass customer website provides access to account balances, statements, reporting, flight activity, and more. Contact AirPass customer service for information regarding on-line registration.

How do I book my AirPass reservations?
AirPass reservations can be booked by a Travel Agency, AA Reservations at (800) 433-6464, on-line at Learn More

What are my booking options?
AAnytime®: Members who make their travel arrangements at the last minute may enjoy last seat availability by booking in unrestricted First (F), Business (J), or Coach (Y); one-way or round-trip without change fees.

PlanAhead: Members who can make their travel arrangements at least 7 days in advance may enjoy 25% off AAnytime Coach by booking in restricted Coach (H) inventory. A $200 fee is deducted automatically for changes, cancellations, or no-shows after ticketing.

When will my account be charged for my flight?
Miles are deducted only when you fly.

If I book PlanAhead 7 days in advance, will the miles be deducted immediately?
No, the miles are deducted once you fly.

Will the AAnytime fare apply when a change is made to my 7-day advance ticket?
If you make a change to your AirPass PlanAhead ticket, a $200 service charge will be applied and a new ticket will be issued. If the new ticket issued is not issued in H Class and/or ticketed 7 days in advance, then the higher AAnytime AirPass fare will apply.
Will the change fee service charge be deducted from my AirPass account at time of ticketing?
No, the $200 service charge will be deducted from your AirPass account after you have flown or after the departure date of changed/canceled PlanAhead AirPass ticket and it will reflect on your monthly statement.

Can AirPass PlanAhead tickets be upgrade to X inventory?
AirPass members may upgrade using purchased 500-mile upgrades on any fare under both the AAnytime and PlanAhead options.

Are AirPass PlanAhead tickets eligible for complimentary upgrades?
No, only tickets in Y inventory are eligible for the complimentary upgrades.

Am I allowed to fly stand-by for an earlier flight on the same day?
If you have a PlanAhead reservation booked in H, you may confirm a seat for same day flight changes at no charge. See our Confirmed Flight Change policy for more details.

If you have an AAnytime reservation booked in F, J, or Y there is no need to fly stand-by for another flight. Simply cancel your existing reservation and book your revised itinerary in a new reservation.

Can AirPass members book UP fares / instant upgrade (via using their AirPass?
Yes, if an UP fare using A, D, or I inventory is available in the market it can be booked using AirPass. All fare rules must still be followed.

Are AirPass members responsible for taxes, fees and surcharges when booking AirPass?
Yes, all taxes, fees, and surcharges are assessed to an AirPass ticket and are debited from the account once themember flies.

Are AirPass member exempt from the Res Handling / Service Fee?
Yes, AirPass members are exempt of the Reservation Handling / Service Fee.

How do I check in?
AirPass members check-in via normal check-in options.

How do I upgrade?
AirPass members traveling in main cabin may upgrade their bookings via normal AAdvantage upgrade procedures. Elite AAdvantage members (AAdvantage Gold®, AAdvantage Platinum®, AAdvantage Platinum Pro® or Executive Platinum®) are eligible to use their earned domestic 500-Mile upgrade stickers or complimentary upgrade if applicable when traveling AirPass using the AAnytime Option. AirPass members can also upgrade using purchased 500-Mile upgrades on any fare under both the AAnytime and PlanAhead options.

Are AirPass member exempt from the Checked Baggage Fee?
Yes, AirPass members are exempt for the 1st and 2nd Checked Baggage Fee when traveling on an AirPass ticket.

What does an AirPass member need to gain access to the Admirals Club?
Members eligible for Admirals Club access must provide their government-issued photo identification and AAdvantage Number (AAdvantage number is available on paper boarding passes).

Are AirPass members eligible for PriorityAAccessSM Privileges?
Yes, AirPass members are eligible for PriorityAAccess Privileges. Go to for more information.

Are AirPass members eligible for Priority Baggage Delivery?
Yes, AirPass members are eligible for Priority Baggage Delivery.

What are the complimentary in-flight amenities?
On board, members may present their AirPass card or boarding pass to receive:
  • Two complimentary drinks, served to the member and/or companion
  • One complimentary headset, two if with a companion
  • One complimentary Food-for-Sale item, two if with a companion

Will I accrue AAdvantage miles on my AirPass flight?

Yes, members earn AAdvantage miles while traveling using their AirPass.

The AirPass program is valid for travel on American Airlines, American Eagle and AmericanConnection. American Airlines reserves the right to amend or terminate its agreement with other carriers, regarding acceptance of AirPass tickets, at any time. American Airlines, American Eagle, AmericanConnection®, AirPass,, Admirals Club, AAdvantage Executive Platinum®, AAdvantage Platinum Pro®, AAdvantage Platinum®, AAdvantage Gold® and AAdvantage® are marks of American Airlines, Inc., American Eagle and AmericanConnection® are regional airline associates of American Airlines, Inc. American Airlines is not responsible for products or services offered by other participating companies.

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